How to turn moments into momentum

Make me quit my job during the pandemic the short answer and Justice in America but cuz I have a little time let me give you the long version in May 2020 protest broke out across the United State of Minnesota man was killed by a couple of police officers on camera and hundreds of thousands of Americans had enough by so many others I watch the protest I watch the crown move from downtown Atlanta to Buckhead where I live the protesters were right outside of my house so my parents and my mom they have to make it self they have to make a statement Hit me hard because why were people being hurt I mean if we're all watching the same thing then why don't we all upset and how could I help make a different no better yet how can I make it so that was a moment I began to think about opting out I forgot to the career I dreamed of my entire life I've been playing in the WNBA since 2009 most recently have the guard for the Atlanta train and get I decided to give it up try to focus on changing the world for the better 

I wanted to make it self not going to pay my bills it out not knowing if I would ever be able to be a player again event people were telling me that her my story they were coming up to me like you do you want it out that's so dope but then they began to vent to me see about Uncle pulled over for no reason they do that I was a person that can make their stories felt and honestly I was committed to doing whatever I needed to make that happen I don't know how to cure racism or any of the other problems playing in America that but we all can do what we can to make it filled out for me is an action is not just protesting and raising your voice but also doing something to show your attention and now you feel me and want me to fill can have a negative connotation of violence and trouble I wanted to show that it can also have a really positive form playing in the WNBA have the port of Mia platform 

I want to create positive change so big picture I want to level the playing field so that everyone has access to the same opportunities regardless of race to do this I know I need to increase exposure to the explosive feels like text and create a way for them to develop Workshop in partnering with organizations already doing the work take a small sense now that I know will have a big impact in the future I want to see what we can do it all started to think about how can I make it so if we all took that leap of faith to stay up for what we believe is right for garlic is a very real fear in bed in that decision start to feel the title of the United States of America states that we're seeing right now to listen to turn on moments in 200 minutes I'm making a cells are you 

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